Battles in Barrinsgate, Part 1

The party went shopping. Teodor visited the rescued smith, who was attacked by humans. One escaped. The dead were wearing red armbands, which the party found out was the mark of the Bloody Knives.

They visited Lady Stella Daybringer. She bought the bed-of-coins and asked the party to investigate why the Bloody Knives have taken to kidnapping and stuff instead of the traditional tariff evasion and smuggling.

On their way, they were attacked by a vampire and four undead knights. The vampire was seeking to kill Teodor.

Battle in the Marsh

The party, having been ordered by Sila to investigate why they were attacked by lizards, had gone north instead. Upon returning from the labyrinth, Lasaria, Sauk and Darkhammer Crossing, they decided to go investigate after all. (Quienn was very insistent.)

They were led by a lizardman dispatched by the lizards’ god-king to an area that was clearly full of up-to-no-good. There were five blackscale lizards, each wearing paint in black, red, white, green or blue. There was a little guy in the middle with a staff and a cloud shaped like a dragon. And there were five people tied to poles, each at the end of the pentagram the little lizard stood in.

Only Thistle got around the blackscale blocking line, and she (with some help from the zones) took down the lizard. The dragoncloud grew massive tentacles that extended far out of sight and the smoke dispersed itself that way.

Athenos' Labyrinth

The party was sent to investigate reports of a brown dragon in the vicinity of a lumber camp up the Scarlet River. On the way, it was harrassed by would-be robbers, and had to fight its way through a small horde of bullywugs.

The party met Patterson, the lumberjacks’ foreman, who sent them north.

After fighting a small group of green-scaled creatures, the party was visited by an apparition of a satyr who challenged the group to find him at the center of his labyrinth.

The party battled:

  • a group of bugs and attack vines
  • a card-playing gnome
  • an elven <s>loot-delivery system<s> party of adventurers trapped in the labyrinth
  • a group of will-o’-wisps

Thistle disabled an ironwood guardian (on the last chance before it got off the pedestal and the switch wouldn’t work).

The party then met three satyrs, who were glad to see Thistle, Thava and Kit, and less interested in Kaden and Thorssen. When the satyrs made clear they wouldn’t let the party leave, it became a battle. Thistle found the way out, but was mauled by the owlbear guarding the portal. After Kaden healed her back to conciousness, she slipped into the portal and escaped while the rest battled the satyrs.

Highlight reel moment: A satyr attempted to grab and kiss Thava. She opened her mouth and breathed lightning into his face.

After killing the satyrs, the party killed the owlbear, because it never occurred to anyone to be nice to the chained-up creature.

Thorssen now has a pan flute.


20 Kulitar 538: The society leaves Greenhill for Monk’s Island.

22: They kill the black dragon.

23: They return to Greenhill.

25: They head to Cuatas in pursuit of the corpses stolen from the graveyard

27: They fight the orcs in an old temple to the Raven Queen that has been converted to a shrine to Orcus.

28: The meet Terelunz again, who asks them to pursue the goblins.

29: They attack the goblin lair.

30: They go back into the lair. The Goblin King escapes.

Highsun: The druids begin their succession ritual.

1 Demnez: The party find the murderer.

2: The party kills the green dragon.

6: The party returns to Greenhill and meets Quienn.

7: The party sets out to slay a lair of “dragons.”

8: The party slays the kruthik and returns to Greenhill.

10: The party heads north to the lumber camp.

12: The party arrives at the camp and heads north into the Labyrinth of Athenos.

15: The current day.

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