Battle in the Marsh

The party, having been ordered by Sila to investigate why they were attacked by lizards, had gone north instead. Upon returning from the labyrinth, Lasaria, Sauk and Darkhammer Crossing, they decided to go investigate after all. (Quienn was very insistent.)

They were led by a lizardman dispatched by the lizards’ god-king to an area that was clearly full of up-to-no-good. There were five blackscale lizards, each wearing paint in black, red, white, green or blue. There was a little guy in the middle with a staff and a cloud shaped like a dragon. And there were five people tied to poles, each at the end of the pentagram the little lizard stood in.

Only Thistle got around the blackscale blocking line, and she (with some help from the zones) took down the lizard. The dragoncloud grew massive tentacles that extended far out of sight and the smoke dispersed itself that way.



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