20 Kulitar 538: The society leaves Greenhill for Monk’s Island.

22: They kill the black dragon.

23: They return to Greenhill.

25: They head to Cuatas in pursuit of the corpses stolen from the graveyard

27: They fight the orcs in an old temple to the Raven Queen that has been converted to a shrine to Orcus.

28: The meet Terelunz again, who asks them to pursue the goblins.

29: They attack the goblin lair.

30: They go back into the lair. The Goblin King escapes.

Highsun: The druids begin their succession ritual.

1 Demnez: The party find the murderer.

2: The party kills the green dragon.

6: The party returns to Greenhill and meets Quienn.

7: The party sets out to slay a lair of “dragons.”

8: The party slays the kruthik and returns to Greenhill.

10: The party heads north to the lumber camp.

12: The party arrives at the camp and heads north into the Labyrinth of Athenos.

15: The current day.



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